How it Will Help

Why should you use Cxceed? From employee training to customer retention, it can benefit your organisation in ways you wouldn’t expect!
Below are just a handful of ways that implementing Cxceed into your day to day operations can benefit yourself, your employees, and most importantly, your customers.

CSAT Scores To Be Proud Of:

Used to identify shortcomings and increase the communication skills of your employees, Cxceed helps you improve your CSAT Scores by facilitating the auditing, training, and coaching of staff.


Improved Communication Skills:

Every customer interaction is important, and a single mistake or untrained employee can make or break a company's reputation. Through customer feedback and evaluations, Cxceed helps to identify which staff members are doing well and what needs improvement.


Effective Training:

With Cxceed, you can easily mark the best and worst interactions to be used for training, making it simple for new starters to listen and learn from your best members of staff. As part of your initial training program, you can have new staff members analyze and evaluate a mix of calls, emails and chat interactions to prepare them for what to expect and increase their knowledge and communication skills.


A Motivated Team:

Everybody likes to be shown appreciation for their hard work, and a motivated, happy team will often lead to your customers receiving a better service. Cxceed gets all the team involved when evaluating phone calls, emails, texts, web chats, video conferences and letters. The transparency and self-assessment aspect of the application ensures employees feel part of the process, trust the results and are receptive to feedback.

motoivate team

Identify High Performers:

Cxceed helps identify your high performers, allowing you not just to acknowledge them, but also to encourage others to learn from them. Finding their best interactions and using them in the training of other less performing team members can produce fantastic results.


Decreased Staff Defensiveness: 

Self-evaluating their interactions to see where they need to improve helps employees motivation. Scoring their own phone calls, emails, letters, and web chats allow staff to realize how they are performing and because it is themselves doing the scoring they don't get defensive.


Reduced Staff Turnover:

Cxceed helps improve employee motivation and performance. For an organization, having happy staff is a great benefit.

Happy Employees Rarely Leave.


What Will This Lead To?

More Experienced Staff:

Customers receive a better service from experienced staff members with greater company knowledge and previous experience of similar situations.


Less Time Spent Hiring:

Lower staff turnover doesn't only benefit an organization in terms of happier customers. Interviewing, hiring and training new candidates takes time and money to do, interrupting focus and reducing productivity.


A Stronger Customer Relationship:

Customers who frequently contact the same organizations often prefer to deal with the same person, over time building a strong rapport with them, helping increase the loyalty and lifetime value of customers.

It is usually cheaper to retain customers than to find new ones, but why not do both?