Face-to-Face Feedback

Discover the opinions and thoughts of your customers after they have talked to your staff face-to-face.


Request Customer Feedback on Face-to-Face Interactions Customers Have With Staff

Whether your employees are having a meeting in person with a client, or working in exhibition centre, you can gain feedback from customers or clients on what they thought of the interaction.

With Cxceed you will be able to finally know how good the face-to-face interaction was, and use feedback to perfect this method of communication.

How Does It Work?

Collecting customer's feedback after a face to face communication won't be ever the same!

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1. Create Your Questions

Sign in to Cxceed and adjust the questions you want to ask the recipients regarding their last communication.

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2. Provide them with a QR code

Use the QR code provided by the system and give it to them in the best way you prefer: Card, Leaflet, Letter, Email, etc.

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3. Collect Face to Face Feedback

After any face-to-face interaction, you can receive feedback from your clients.

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4. Improve Face to Face Communications

Use the information collected to help improve and work on your communications skills!

Start Collecting Your Face to Face Feedback Today!

When you sign up to Cxceed, you get access to face to face feedback, as well as the ability to collect different types of feedback for other areas of your business, such as Website or Video Call!

To get started, simply click below, or book a 1-to-1 demo with one of our customer feedback experts to see exactly how it all works.