Customer Experience, Improved

Loyalty and recommendations come from delivering a fantastic customer experience. Cxceed empowers your staff to improve the conversations they have with customers.

Happy Customers   Increased Turnover   Improved Profits

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How Does it Work?

Benchmark Surveys

Periodic Customer Surveys establish how customers feel about your brand and products, creating a benchmark to measure future improvements against.


Customer Feedback

A percentage of daily communications are selected, and emails sent to your customers requesting feedback for them. Responses give you an insight into each customer's opinion of a specific interaction with your staff, showing you care about their experience.



It doesn't matter how your staff communicate with your customers; what's important is to identify the positives and what can be improved. Cxceed targets low scoring feedback for evaluation, maximizing the possibilities of finding communication skills or business processes which need improving.


Automated and Efficient

Who likes data entry? We certainly don't! Integrating into your PBX system and email services, Cxceed's APIs does all the hard work. This allows you to spend more time on training and process improvements.


Engaging Everyone

Involving everyone in the improvement process while using self-evaluations lowers employee resistance to change.

Using Cxceed results in motivated, engaged employees, lower staff turnover, and higher customer satisfaction rates.

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Calibration reports make comparing and analyzing scoring easy. The consistency of evaluations produces a clear standard for the whole company to follow.


Data Security

Our servers are well protected. All telephones numbers and email addresses are encrypted before uploaded to Cxceed. Only you have access to the decryption keys.


A Brighter Future

Cxceed helps improve your staffs' skills and lower attrition rates, motivating everyone to provide an excellent service. This results in fantastic customer experience, returning customers and happy bosses.

With Cxceed, even poor performers can become stars.