Tips to Improve Your Call Center Training

Customer demands are always changing, and call centers need to modify their training to keep up.Not doing so can lead to the loss of customers because they encounter a poor customer experience.Don't get left behind. Browse these top tips on how to improve quality assurance in a call center to take your customer experience to the next level.


Use a CSAT Call Center KPI to Indicate What to Review

The clue is in the name 'Call Center Key Performance Indicators'. These 'indicators' are just that and should be used as a guide only. A lot of call centers tend to misuse KPIs, having a negative impact on their business.Correctly using KPIs will help indicate areas to be targeted for evaluation. You don't know what has upset a customer, so you should never assume a low CSAT means that an agent has done a poor job without investigating it.

A magnifying glass over a decline in a performance graph, followed by the text 'Investigate the root of the problem'


Evaluations Are Where You Identify What Needs Improving

The main purpose of evaluations is to highlight where agents can improve, and call centers should have a scoring system to help analyze the performance of their staff. A poorly designed or non-existent scoring system can contribute to high attrition rates. A well-designed system will help you identify areas an agent needs to improve and provide training and coaching material with the click of a button.

A pie chart divided on four part with a loop symbol in the middle, with each part containing one of 'identify, adapt, learn, improve'.


Self Evaluation Helps

Allowing your staff to self-evaluate their performance helps them to realise and accept their own weaknesses. It also helps lower the barrier people raise when they feel they are being criticized.Self-evaluations can be problematic if not done correctly - what's stopping agents from scoring themselves 100% for each call? It's hard to have agents self-evaluate with honesty; this is something we as a company initially struggled with when trying to get agents to self-evaluate but using Cxceed helped us to overcome this.

A part of a scorecard with a tick box followed by excellent crossed out, followed by a circled handwritten 'I can do better!'.


Have Frequent and Timely Evaluations

Frequent evaluations help identify mistakes as they happen, which together with ongoing training, solve issues before they become bigger.When we switched to daily evaluations, our problems were solved without the pressure of having to deal with numerous issues in one go.Coaching was also given at this point to stop a repetition of the problem. We saw that frequent and timely evaluations had a positive impact on our staff.

Combining These Tips Will Result in an Outstanding Performance Management System!

Combining these techniques will result in a performance management system which runs smoothly and works. A system that agents and managers identify and accept what needs improving is key and it is this working together will result in an improved call center training routine - helping grow your business as a whole.

The Wrap-Up

These are just some of the tips which helped me along the way to improving the training I gave my agents. I hope you find them useful in developing your staff! If you have any tips you want to share, feel free to leave a comment down below.

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