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Cxceed is enterprise-ready, to ensure every company reaches its maximum potential, no matter the size. With the free version, you have full access to every feature, just without API integration. There are no added or hidden costs - the price you see is the price you pay.


Automated Benchmark Surveys

Customer Feedback Requests

Unlimited Evaluation Scorecards

Evaluate Any Communication

Contact Customer Support via Email

No API Integration

£0 per user/week

(£0 forever)

★ Our Most Popular Package ★


Automatic Benchmark Surveys

Automatic Customer Feedback Requests

Unlimited Evaluation Scorecards

Evaluate Any Communication

Contact Customer Support via Email, Phone, & Live Chat

API Integration


Automatic Benchmark Surveys

Automatic Customer Feedback Requests

Evaluation Scorecards

Evaluate Any Communication

Dedicated Customer Support via Email, Screenshare, Phone, & Live Chat

Dedicated Account Manager

Access to our Set-up Support Team

Custom API Integration

Contact Us

* For companies registered in Great Britain, VAT will be included at checkout step.


Cxceed gives you access to the following tools, which help you make a real difference to your business!

Agent Tools

  • Self-Evaluation
  • Peer Evaluation
  • Real-Time and Historical Scores
  • Agent Categorization
  • Transparent Scoring System
  • Improvement Indicator
  • Agent Access To Reports

Management Tools

  • Employee Progress Tracker
  • Employee Performance Comparison
  • Manager Evaluation Tool
  • Tailored Evaluation Forms
  • Communication Assigner
  • Real-Time and Historical Reports

Customer Interaction

  • Customer Survey Templates (Promoter and General Score)
  • Customer Email Templates
  • Evaluate Any Conversation
  • Customer Categorisation
  • Link Call Recordings To Customer Profiles


  • Unlimited, Printer Friendly Reports
  • Categorize Reports By Consultant, Department or Brand
  • Sort Communications by Missed Calls, Calls Listened By, Voicemail Calls, Out of Scope Calls

Book a Demo

Want to see Cxceed in action and discover how it can help you evaluate, monitor, and improve the customer experience your staff deliver to customers?

Demos can be for as long as you like, and at a time to suit you, our standard hours are Weekdays, 9am - 5pm


, but we are happy to work outside these hours by request.

During the demo, one of our friendly, in-house experts will guide you through the software, and show how you and your company can truly get the most out of it.

You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, including the best value package for you.

Our Guarantee

We are very confident that Cxceed will help your business achieve the desired results, and we're prepared to put our money where our mouth is! If, at any time, during the first 30 days you are not happy with the service provided, or the result you are getting with Cxceed, then let us know. Any money you have paid to us in the first 30 days will be refunded - that's a promise!

Common Questions

Below are some of the most common questions asked about Cxceed.

What is API Integration?

When you opt for a paid membership, you get access to our API (Application Programming Interface) which allows Cxceed to be integrated with your PBX, CRM and email server. Doing so will automate the whole system, saving you time and money whilst being able to streamline the whole process. An API specifies how the software components should interact with one another via a set of routines, protocols and tools. There are also sample scripts for this integration in order to make the process simpler for you. If you have any questions about the API or its integration, please send us a message. We'll be happy to talk more about it with you.

Is The Free Version Really Free?

Yes! And the best thing is that you can access to EVERY feature from the paid version, apart from API integration.

Can I Add or Reduce the Number of Users I Have?

Of course, if you want to add or reduce the number of users you have, just let us know, and we will make the changes required accordingly.

Can I Keep My Current Cxceed Details When I Upgrade From A Free to Paid Plan?

Yes! Whenever you decide you want to enjoy the ease of API integration, just upgrade your subscription package, and all your details, surveys, feedback, evaluations and any other details will be kept.

Will There Be Help Available When I Set Up Cxceed?

No matter the stage of your customer experience improvement journey, there will always be someone to help you. We will be more than happy to make sure you get all the help you need. If our specialists are unavailable, you can book a time-slot to talk to them which suits you.

I Only Have a Few Employees, Will I Still Get Value From Cxceed?

Yes! Whatever the size of your business, you can improve! It doesn't matter whether you have 5 employees talking to customers, or 500; every conversation matters!

Does Cxceed Have Any Access to Our Personal or Private Information?

No, and we never will. All your data is hidden behind a secret key, that only you have access to, so all your data is safe.

Didn't Find the Answer You Were Looking For?

We have also answered a whole host of other questions related to both Cxceed and other queries surround Quality Assurance Software. Click here to have a read!  If you have a question that isn't above, or on the dedicated FAQ page, please feel free to drop us a message!

UK VAT & Worldwide Tax

The B2B VAT rule "services supplied where the customer belongs" applies.

United Kingdom Purchases: VAT will be applied at the standard 20% rate.

Worldwide Purchases: Cxceed is available to businesses worldwide. Unless otherwise agreed, the place of supply is where the purchasing business resides, and the purchasing business is responsible for calculating and paying any VAT due from the purchase of Cxceed services and applying any reverse-charge or any other mechanism required by their respective Governments.