Social Media Feedback

Discover what your social media followers think about the content you provide to help improve future posts, as well as get more people following your business!


Request Customer Feedback on Your Social Media Content

Social media is key when it comes down to distributing your businesses content, whether it be the latest updates, offerings, or even replying to current and potential customers.

The whole world can see your posts on social media platforms, so it's absolutely key to get the messages fine-tuned to match your customers expectations and needs.

Cxceed's Social Media feedback feature allows you to do exactly this, and limit your chances of an embarrassing and potentially harmful social media fail!

How Does It Work?

Collecting customer feedback from social media can be done in four easy steps:

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1. Create Your Questions

Sign in to Cxceed and adjust the questions you want to ask about your social media content.

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2. Paste The Link

Simply copy and paste the link provided into your social media posts or descriptions.

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3. Collect Social Media Feedback

Anyone who sees the link on social media will be able to leave their feedback on posts.

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4. Adjust Your Posts

Use the collected feedback to improve the social media posts you send out!

Want to see how the feedback will appear on your social media?

Check us out on LinkedIn to see how it looks!

Start Collecting Your Social Media Feedback Today!

When you sign up to Cxceed, you get access to social media feedback, as well as the ability to collect different types of feedback for other areas of your business, such as phone calls and emails!

To get started, simply click below, or book a 1-to-1 demo with one of our customer feedback experts to see exactly how it all works.