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How To Collect & Use Customer Feedback To Improve Your Business

How To Collect And Use Customer Feedback To Improve Your Business

A few decades ago, if a customer had an issue, question, or complaint, they would write a letter, compile an email or call a hotline. This can now all be done within seconds through a few clicks on a social platform.

Customer feedback has never been so accessible for businesses. There are multiple ways to gain it from every customer demographic, from a Gen Z to an old age pensioner. You just need the right tools to be able to collect this feedback.

Having said this, a survey by SnappApp found that 95% of people thought that collecting and measuring their current customer data is their most significant barrier.

How is it that 95% of people feel they don't have the correct tools to gain a better understanding of their customers?

This blog aims to help that 95%.

Here are 8 ways companies can collect and use customer feedback to improve their business, whilst measuring their customer's opinion.

Build a Social Presence

Potential customers are more likely to purchase something if surrounding influencers such as family and friends are saying "Have you seen this?", "Did you see what X posted last night?", or even "Check out the deal I tagged you in on Facebook".

The more followers you have on social platforms, the more trustworthy you look, and the bigger opportunity you have to collect valuable feedback to continue your growth. It's a win-win.

Social influence can be created in multiple ways, and one of the best ways is through responding to customers via social media. Having a presence this way does leave you open to public criticism though, but you have to take the rough with the smooth.

It's a great way to interact with customers listen to their latest needs, as they're often a lot more vocal over social media.

You shouldn't be afraid to ask for feedback either - there's nothing more reassuring for a customer than when they can see a business trying to improve.

The Need For Feedback Forms

Using a feedback form can be looked at like a tennis match.

The company serves first, by sending out an initial feedback form about their company. Customers return with answers to the form, which the business can then use to adapt the service and products they provide.

The process is then repeated - send a form, receive feedback, use it to improve! Every piece of returned feedback offers you the chance to improve an aspect of your business and adapt, so it's important to be able to collect and analyse it.

To make the best use of feedback, you need also need to record customer sentiments regularly and compare results to ascertain if improvements to the Customer experience you deliver are being made. Which is why it's important to benchmark.

Sending out Benchmark Surveys, allows you to do exactly this, allowing you to track any progress made over a period of time.

Don't wait until the end-of-year review to find out your customers don't like what you're doing.


Customers are not all 'idiotic bigots', no matter what your support staff may say or think. Some customers can come up with breakthrough innovative ideas the sort that you would be happy to pay your creative team to come up with - but for free!

A perfect example of a company using the power of the customer innovation is Dell, establishing the Dell IdeaStorm in 2007, a platform where customers could brainstorm any ideas they wanted Dell to implement into their products.

They created a platform for their customers to do all the thinking, being able to take the brilliant ideas, royalty-free, without having to give any compensation or credit to the originator!

If that isn't genius, I don't know what is. It just goes to show that it's not just your workforce that has all the good ideas.

Customers are valuable, and at the end of the day you are selling to them, so it's more than worth listening to what they have to say.


Think Big

They say focused data is better data, and I agree to some extent, but disagree in another.

Not everyone has the same opinion. Requesting small demographics can be great for micro-changes and adjustments to meet specific customers needs, but it doesn't give you the full picture.

Using feedback from a bigger catchment creates more scope for improvement, creating a flexible product/service that had many strings to its bow. It's a lot easier to spot patterns and trends when more data is collected.

Show You Listen

It's all about PR. Responding quickly to customer feedback online shows people that you care and value peoples opinion. It's one thing making a statement about how much you value feedback, it's another to actually listen and act on it.

Ask for feedback, act on it, and don't be shy about communicating that you've acted on it. Show off the fact that you listen to your customers! You'll find anyone is much more likely to give honest feedback when they know it will actually make a difference - just like it does when you ask for employee feedback.

Restoring Credibility

Fighting fire with fire doesn't work with customer feedback. A negative comment doesn't need a negative response, unless you're dbrand. Always respond, If you got it wrong apologise, If you didn't and the customer was out of order, don't be afraid to explain your side of the story, but keep it polite, short and sweet.

Negative commentary can be counterattacked by positive feedback, reversing any loss of credibility you would have received from any nasty review.

Everyone expects a company to have negative reviews, and if they don't it begins to a look a little dodgy - like you've got all your mates from the pub to leave you 5 star raving reviews! You just can't win.

Instinctively we always jump straight to the negative feedback on review sites- who doesn't love a bit of drama? However, this doesn't mean you can't show off your positive reviews and testimonials to your website. It always helps to increase credibility and trustworthiness of your products/services when you see a name or company talking about what you offer.

Explore Different Avenues

As mentioned earlier, there are multiple ways to collect customer feedback to measure your customers opinions - below are a few ways that should not be forgotten:

  • Email isn't dead yet. In fact, most companies still rely on email to receive customer feedback. How do you ask for customer feedback via email, or on the emails you send out? Click here to find out!

  • Don't be scared of social media, it isn't all full of trolls and hate. You shouldn't be reluctant to ask for feedback on all social media platforms. Want to begin asking for feedback on your content? Click here to find out how you can!

  • Customers are not aliens. Interact with them face-to-face, which can be done with strategies such as focus groups.

  • Allow for reviews on your website. This can be either for feedback on the web pages, or on the service itself! To discover how you can effectively do that, click here.

  • Third-party sites are a good source of reviews about your company, such as eBay or TripAdvisor. Wherever you have collect reviews and feedback from, don't be afraid to learn from it, and show it off!

The more places and areas you ask for feedback, the better the understanding you can get of your customers opinions. You can never have too much feedback!

Use Competitors as a Benchmark

A company shouldn't be embarrassed about looking at how others who are in the same field are dealing with customers.

It shouldn't be seen as copying, but as a comparison to the big hitters in your industry. Since bigger companies are much likely to take a hefty amount of abuse from customers, why not take advantage of this and see how they tackle it? There's no need to try and reinvent the wheel!

There is the urban myth of the man who worked in the fast-food industry and was tasked by his company to find the best place to put a fast food restaurant in each city. He breezed into each city, found a busy McDonald's then simply wrote a quick report recommending that they should place the restaurant near to it, and then took a few days off. Why? McDonald's spend millions on market research and seem to always be successful.

No, I'm not saying copy everything your competitor does - just use it to help influence some of your decisions whilst creating your unique customer experience. Learn what impresses your customer from the feedback collected and then try to improve on it.


Final Thoughts

Moral of the story? There's no excuse for not being able to collect feedback, use it to discover what your customers really think, and use it to make the changes your business really needs.

You can read more on collecting customer feedback via Benchmark Surveys and Customer Feedback requests by clicking here.

If you have any questions about collecting customer feedback, or have any of your own strategies, let us know in the comments below!

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How To Deliver a Fantastic Customer Service During a Pandemic

How To Deliver Fantastic Customer Service During a Pandemic

How To Deliver Fantastic Customer Service During a Pandemic

COVID-19 has chewed up, and for the unfortunate ones, swallowed many small businesses. Whilst big corporations have cash reserves and have been able to survive for months doing a reduced amount of business, the average small business owner doesn't have this privilege. They have employees who are reliant on the business to pay the bills to keep a roof over their heads.

But the number one rule of business is...

Don't run out of cash!

It's therefore not only tempting, but sometimes necessary to cut down to a skeleton workforce and reduce costs, so the company doesn't sink.

But reducing staff numbers usually also means that the Customer Service level you provide will also suffer. This obviously risks alienating current customers and at the moment retaining current customers is as important as ever - if not more so.

Here are 6 ways companies can deliver great customer service whilst in a pandemic.

Start With Your Team

Having the team in the office allows for an easy pick me up, with a 10-minute motivational speech. But what about those who are working from home, how can you rally and motivate your troops?

Motivated troops give out better results than ones who are shuffling around, looking at their feet waiting for the day to end, or sat day-dreaming about being anywhere else.

I've come to realise that some office distractions get a bad reputation. Having a little break to talk about your plans for the weekend or poking fun at a colleague's latest disaster of a haircut may be seen as wasted time from a manager's point of view. But these interactions make work humane and allows it to be an enjoyable atmosphere (unless it's your haircut being poked fun at). You even start missing your managers awkward sense of humour when working from home, even if it does come at your expense.

The importance to connect with your team will create a sense of happiness and belongingness that will rub off onto your customers. Step forward tech.

Tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype (remember that?) come in very handy when teams are working remotely.

Meetings should be slightly more frequent than in if they were happening the office, to help prevent cabin fever caused from being cut off from the rest of your crew.

No-one will work as well when they think they're isolated from the rest of the team, and this will reflect in the customer service they deliver.

Start With Your Team!

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Setting yourself up with false promises would be an error for any company.

We're in unusual times, and even though we're slowly starting to get back to things with our 'new normal', there are still some factors that cannot be controlled.

The worst thing you can do is pretend you've not been effected, and get your employees to make promises to customers you know can't be kept.

If there's going to be a delay, let your customers know, rather than trying to sound better than your competition. Customers are usually more accepting of a delay when they have been told to expect it, rather than when they've not been given any indication of a problem and their order is a week late.

As the heading says, honesty is the best policy, and goes a long way to helping deliver an excellent customer service!

It's Time To Be More Flexible

Being strict with your staff when they are working at home is not the way forward during these turbulent times. Stress levels are sky-high, so every bit of extra help will be appreciated, especially as they continue to work from home.

Allowing staff the opportunity to work the hours they want (within reason, of course), can be a real mood booster. Some people work better in the early hours, others later on, so letting staff work the hours which will produce higher quality work for you is a win-win.

I know some people that are real grumps in the mornings, and I couldn't image them ever giving a customer a positive experience until they've had their third cup of coffee!

As long as they're able to produce results, does it really matter if they start an hour later or earlier than everyone else?

Be Flexible!

Adjust Your Plan As Needed

Who would have expected this time last year that we'd go from suits in the office, to pyjamas in the dining room?

Companies that have successfully adjusted to working from home have managed to ensure their customers are still being provided with a great service. Those who haven't will have undoubtedly seen customer satisfaction scores drop.

So, any plan for the future needs to be able to bend, adjust, and twist or any word you want to use, it needs to be flexible.

Customers are in the dark on how you're operating, and to be honest, they don't really care. They just want their goods and services, and they want them now.

Whatever plans you have, you need to ensure that the customers and employees will benefit from them. Cutting costs may help out in the short term, but eventually, your employees and customers are likely to suffer.

Get a fall back plan. If you have more than one action plan, you won't find yourself making hasty decisions that within a week, suddenly don't seem too good.

Special Focus On Your Current Customers

New customers are always welcomed, but loyal ones guarantee repeat purchases. In current circumstances where time and money are at a restraint, you may find customers looking for faster and cheaper alternatives, unless you give them a reason not to.

A quick thank-you email, a special offer, or even a 10% discount can go a long way in showing a customer you appreciate them. Not only does this help strength the customer experience and relationship, they're often great ways of making a little extra money!

Here are some great ideas on how to decide how you will say thank-you to your customers:

  1. Think about what would keep you loyal to a company, and continue to spend your money with.
  2. What have other companies done? A quick check of your inbox will help with this.
  3. Are your competitors giving their customers anything back? If not, this could be a perfect opportunity to show them why you're better.

Don't Be Afraid To Show Off

Don't be shy. During this stressful time, customers want to receive some positive news for once. So, why not share all the good things your company is doing to help improve the situation. (It might even boost their confidence in you as a company.)

Announce your plans on social media, and use numerical data to help show you have substance behind those claims. Social media should never be feared. Even the pandemic has not struck it down - in fact, it has brought people closer together.

Don't Be Distant In Socially Distanced Times

Companies are going out of their way to assist people during the most uncertain of times, so it's important to have a glass half full mentality. View the pandemic as an opportunity to deliver creative customer service, exploring new avenues of what you have to offer.

Customers should never be distant from your company. Just 1 or 2 metres maybe...

These were just some ways companies can continue to deliver a fantastic customer service during such unusual times. With Coronavirus looking like it's here for the long-run, it's more important than ever to ensure your customer experience gives your business a defining "stand-out" factor.

What do you think companies should do to deliver great customer service during the pandemic? Don't be a stranger - Drop a comment below!

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Discover how Cxceed can help improve your customer experience and boost your profit. 

11 Ways Cxceed WILL Help Improve Your Business

11 Ways Cxceed WILL Help Improve Your Business!

11 Ways Cxceed WILL Help Improve Your Business!

When we developed the early versions of Cxceed, it was to solve the customer service problems we had within our other businesses. We don't have those problems anymore.

When I look back at all the businesses I've been involved, all the problems I faced and the arguments I've had with staff members over the standard of customer care they delivered.

I'm certain my management life would have been a lot easier. I would have produced better results if I had had Cxceed to help.

I could have had many more hours of sleep, and I'm sure I would have fewer grey hairs! Hopefully, I can now keep what youth remains...

Anyway, as I was saying...

If there's one thing I've learned in my business life, it's that if you have a problem, someone else has it too.

When striving for high customer service levels, complaints can make you feel like your is a sinking boat. There are lots of little holes in the boat, some you can see, and others that you can't. Buckets at the ready you're running around trying to remove the water (complaints from poor customer experiences). You know that poor processes and sub-par staff responses are the holes causing the water to flow in but you can't identify where the holes are. You can use Cxceed to find and then fix the source of those poor customer experiences and make life a hell of a lot easier.


Here are 11 ways that Cxceed will help improve your customer service to make your business better.

Understand What Your Customers Think About You

To improve, you need to know the level you're currently at.

Responses to the benchmark surveys give a numeric score, telling you what customers actually think of your service. If you don't have a benchmark to compare yourself with, you'll never know if you're improving or not.

The benchmark score can be used as a company-wide target. Check it again in three months, if the score is higher then good job, cheer your team on and keep going! If it's lower, you need to find out why and try a new approach.

Get Priceless Feedback

If your customers aren't happy, then your business won't do well. You need to know if John, Jayne, James... has answered each call, email, webchat.... to the satisfaction of each customer.

How do you do this?

Well, you could take a long, complex route, or you could just ask them!

Cxceed sends out feedback requests to customers after your staff communicate with them, to find out how satisfied they are with that individual interaction.

These feedback forms can be fully customized and tailored to target any specific areas surrounding the communications - it's totally up to you!

Identify The Communications That Need Evaluating

Of course, customers don't always respond to our feedback requests. They only tend to respond to a conversation that they are either really happy with or really annoyed about. Yes, they tell you about the interactions that you need to know about!

Don't have time to listen to calls?

I don't blame you, I've been there done that! Listening to calls and trying to find the ones that are sub-par or awesome can feel like your looking for a needle in a haystack. Cxceed uses the feedback score obtained by customers and other criteria to identify conversations for evaluation.

Don't have time to listen to calls that your customers have either complained or complimented you about?

You better hope your competitors don't start using Cxceed!

Improve Employee Skills

When it comes to customer service, employee communications can enhance or destroy your relationship with customers. As we all know, it only takes one misplaced word to send the customer into the embracing arms of your competitors. 

Cxceed's Call Center Quality Assurance system identifies what each employee needs to improve and encourages employees to learn from each other to help produce better results.

Increase Your CSAT Scores

Ah, the elusive CSAT score. We always want it to be higher, but we never seem to be able to achieve it.

Well, by being able to identify areas for improvement and give more effective training, you can!

Better trained employees can deliver better customer service; there's no denying that.

Better customer service equals high levels of customer satisfaction. It's all linked together!

Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Training

Cxceed allows you to easily mark a selection of the best and worst interactions your staff have with customers.

Not only can everyone learn from their own mistakes, but they can also learn from other peoples.

What can you do with these? Well, I found they're very useful when used for training both new and existing employees.

For example, initial training programs can involve having new starters to analyze and evaluate a variety of calls, emails, and live chat communications you've previously had. Not only will this help you understand their ability levels, but it's also an excellent training opportunity to prepare them for what to expect when on the 'front line.'

Sure, you could make up scenarios, but that's like buying a fake football shirt from a market on holiday. It's okay from a distance, but it's just not the same. Why turn your employees into the equivalent of Crustiano Renaldo, when they could be Cristiano Ronaldo?

I know who I'd rather have on my team!

Calibration To Achieve Consistency

Everyone is unique and has different opinions on what's right and wrong. This can be an issue when employees are dealing with customers. One might think they're doing the right thing; others will disagree.

This can be an issue when employees are dealing with customers. One might think they're doing the right thing, but there's a much better way of doing it.

Cxceed helps make sure everyone is on the same page.

Cxceed is set up so when employees evaluate communications, their score is easily compared to how others evaluated the same interaction. Differences in scoring are easily highlighted and discussed in calibration sessions.

When doing so, managers can openly discuss with employees the standards and values that are expected and what the company is aiming to achieve. Just another way that Cxceed helps improve employee performance!

Decrease Defensiveness To Feedback

Nothing demotivates employees more than the dreaded "Let's discuss how you're doing" only to be hit with a thousand things which need improving.

I don't know about you, but when my managers used to tell me what I was doing wrong, I didn't take it well. Who are they to tell me that I'm $#!^, do they know how hard I work?

However, when you allow employees to identify their own mistakes through Cxceed's evaluations, you'll be surprised how much more accepting they are.

When I've heard our employee's using it, there was a lot of Ahh's, and "Damn, I didn't even realize I did that!".

I would much rather hear that than muffled responses as heads look at the floor.

Motivate Your Team

By getting the whole team involved in the evaluation process, Cxceed creates understanding through the self-assessment process.

If you're part of the process, you're more likely to understand and trust the results, making you more accepting of feedback.

Allowing staff to evaluate their own interactions shows that you trust their judgment, and knowing a manager trusts you is a big motivator for any employee.

Reduce Staff Turnover

Happy employees rarely leave. Why is this a benefit to you? Surely I don't need to tell you that!

In short, the longer an employee stays, the better return on investment (ROI) you get from their associated costs, as well as the on-the-job experience they gain.

It's always better to know you're investing in the long term, rather than knowing you're going to have to recruit and train again in a few months.

Spend time and money, improving your business, not rehiring, and training.

Solid Customer Relationships

Of course, the better the customer experience you provide, the more loyal your customers will be. Fantastic!

I've also noticed that customers love to speak to the same person, especially long term ones. If employees are always leaving, then they can't build-up these relationships with your customers.

Relationship building is essential; customer's who deal with the same staff feel safer doing business as they trust them to get the job done to a standard they expect.

It's easier to retain customers than have to continually get new ones. Cxceed makes it easy to do both!

But Don't Take My Word For It, Start Today!

I could preach to you for hours on the wonders of Cxceed, but time is money, and money makes the world go round. So, why don't you try Cxceed for yourself?

If you don't feel like splashing the cash right now, we have a FREE (yes, free!) version of the FULL software. It has ALL the features of a paid version, just without API integration.

What does the API's do?

It automates and makes your life much easier by:

  • Feedback requests automatically after each phone call
  • Feedback requests at the bottom of each email
  • Need to evaluate a call? Click on a link your phone rings, and you listen.
  • Email Surveys to thousands, in a couple of clicks.

Feel like treating yourself with API integration to make life even simpler? Get your money out! If you're not happy within the first 30 days, you can have every penny back!

There's no harm in trying something out, risk-free!

So, what are you waiting for? As they say, actions speak louder than words!

Help us improve this website for you by providing us with some quick feedback - it'll only take a few seconds!

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